Questions from little ones

Scripture day today with the little 6/7 year olds.

It is amazing to see their faces light up when the lesson comes around, and they run up to us excitedly (much different to the comment on Q&A last night saying teaching scripture in school is child abuse!).

Everything went according to plan, and when it was time for them to complete their activity sheets, I was asked question after question by two inquisitive young boys. One stated he didn’t believe in God (because he didn’t understand how God could make everything we see), and the other believes but still wants to know more.

Over and over again I made sure to praise them for their questions. It is so good to see them being so honest with their feelings, and how they actively wanted to know more about God.

As a result, I am now beginning a book/booklet that discusses all of their questions (and more!), and is told in a way young kids can understand. I have already had a lot of success explaining it to them, and hopefully this will reach more kids and even adults.

So stay tuned!

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