Batman and Captain America

** Warning: choking hazard-small parts and sharp points. Not for children under 3 years. While these beads have been melted together, they could still separate, causing a choking hazard. This is not a toy and all precautions should be taken when in reach of small children. Only for domestic use.**

OK, I’ll admit it, this isn’t a pair you would usually see together.

No, this isn’t about a film, but are two Perler (or Hama, Pyslla, Melty, Nabbi, etc.) bead designs I tested.

* PLEASE NOTE – While I do sell my own designs (click here for my Facebook page Just Bead It!), this post – with more to come – are my reviews of other people’s designs. I will give them all the credit, and if these creations are to leave my possession, it would be for free for an event, etc.*

Since this is my first iron bead post here, I’ll give you a little extra walk-through.

Firstly, iron beads like the brands listed above, are small (possibly plastic) beads that come in a variety of colours and fit onto ‘peg boards’.

I found these designs on a website called Kandi Patterns. They were both done by tashar_h who has done quite a few really cool ones.

STEP ONE – Organise your beads on a peg board into your desired design

STEP TWO – Carefully cover the beads with a sheet of iron paper. Make sure all beads are covered, as they can really ruin your iron


STEP THREE – ADULTS ONLY!!!! Turn your iron to approximately ‘cotton’, and once it is heated-up, iron your beads for 30 seconds. This timing can change, so keep a close eye on it and never leave it unattended or with the iron just lying on it.

STEP FOUR – Once the first side is done, wait for it to cool, and lift it off the peg board.


STEP FIVE – Flip it over, cover with the iron paper, and iron the second side like the first.

STEP SIX – Lay something heavy on it (like a book) and wait for it to cool.


(OPTIONAL) STEP SEVEN – You could attach a keyring to them now, or you could do what I did and make little ‘feet’ for them so they could stand by themselves.




I really liked these designs because they are very cute and very easy. It doesn’t take much time at all, and you could decorate a whole desk with them in a single afternoon.

Let me know what you think of them, or what you have created!