ANGEL: Not Fade Away S5,E22 (spoiler)

Last chance, this DOES contain spoilers!

So it’s 2:30am and I’m tired and about to go to bed when the Whedonesque Facebook page decides to tear my heart in two.

For 11 years (I am truly gobsmacked it has been that long!) I have tried and failed to get over the character death that pained me the most:

Wesley Wyndham-Pryce in Angel.


I was never one to cry watching movies, that was my sister, Katie. I didn’t even know how much I loved Wesley, until that knife went in. All night we had been watching Katie, waiting for her to cry over a death; and suddenly I burst into tears. Of course I love the character of Wesley and I was saying goodbye to him and a brilliant TV show, but it was also the way Alexis Denisof made you believe you were truly watching someone die. Not only that, but you couldn’t help but feel such sorrow for his character, who had always tried to do what was right, no matter how many times he was knocked down.

Even now, watching fan videos of the event makes me teary. So obviously seeing this come up on my Facebook feed evoked a strong reaction.

Thankfully, Alexis has continued to bring other characters to life, playing Benedick in Joss Whedon‘s 2012 modernisation of Much Ado About Nothing, and currently starring in Finding Carter.

What character death has affected you the most?

The Birth of Jesus – Year 1 and 2 scripture lesson

With Christmas quickly approaching, it is now time to plan my scripture classes. While there are many websites out there with lessons you can use, I thought I would share what I did. For the most part, in keeping with the great work already done by others, I took what was already written, using ‘The First Christmas’ by Gaby Goldsack and Caroline Pedler (available for purchase here). I also wrote a post about the book here.

But more than just reading the book, I wanted to make the lesson more interactive and enjoyable for the kids.

In my limited experience, the end of the year approaching is making the kids extra restless. With their attention hard to capture and keep, I wanted to get them involved in telling the story. In the past, I was randomly choosing children to hold pieces of paper with pictures up for the rest, but that always had people missing out.

For this lesson, I have decided to have a box filled with items I will take out and help me tell the story. Here, I will simply post the pictures of the items.

Here we go!

Good morning/afternoon everyone.

Q. Who can tell me what’s something very special that’s coming up. We celebrate it every year near the end of December? Christmas

Today we’re going to talk about Christmas, the story of baby Jesus.

I have a box with some items inside. One by one I’ll pull one out, and it will help us tell our story.

*Reading the book while pulling out these items -*

ITEM: Nazareth street sign (made myself)

ITEM: Mary, Joseph, donkey, stable, Jesus in the manger, stable (here)

ITEM: an Angel (can’t find it)

ITEM: Bethlehem street sign (made myself)

ITEM: mean King Herod (here)

ITEM: Wise men (here)

ITEM: star (I can’t remember where I found this one)

ITEM: pyramid (here)

CONCLUDING PRAYER: Dear God, // Thank you for sending Jesus. // Help us in these last few weeks. // Amen.

Activity sheets –

1) Colouring-in (found on AZColoring)


2) Find-a-word (made using Puzzle Maker)


The kids really enjoyed the activities, especially the find-a-word.

All in all a very successful lesson and I can’t wait to figure out the next lesson.