12 Days of Christmas Blogging Challenge

Today I’ll be continuing the 12 Days of Christmas Blogging Challenge by ScaleSimple.

You can find Day 1 HERE.

DAY 2. Favourite Christmas tradition new or old

For as long as I can remember, we have done the same thing every Christmas, and I love it.

  • (When we were younger) When us kids went to bed on Christmas Eve night, mum would put the presents under the tree. We wouldn’t get to see presents under the tree until we were all together on Christmas morning.
  • Morning church service. Nothing revitalises you more than church; especially on Christmas. There is lots of singing, praying, and coming together.
  • Breakfast and chat at a local cafe. Usually Gloria Jeans.
  • Back to the house for opening presents. We open one at a time and go in a round (usually oldest to youngest).
  • Buffet lunch. For many years we had lunch at Sizzler (not cooking and cleaning!) but this year we’re going somewhere else because they renovated and it didn’t feel too nice last time.
  • Back home where Grandma opens her Christmas presents.
  • Hanging out, playing games, and watching TV.

The rest of the night is just normal.

What about you? What is your favourite Christmas tradition new or old? Let me know below, or start your own 12 Days of Christmas Blogging Challenge.


Picture by ScaleSimple

I nominate: Affyyia, HunterGame1216, and Elissa Lynch.