One Direction’s ‘Made In The A.M.’

I don’t remember a time when One Direction weren’t trending on Twitter. Over the years I have bopped along to some of their songs, but I never classed myself as part of the fandom. It wasn’t until hearing ‘Drag Me Down’, that I took the time to fully listen to their past tracks. It was only a few days after that that I was staying up late watching all of their X-Factor videos.

So, here is my review for their newest album ‘Made In The A.M.’


This album shows itself to be all that the fans wanted. The harmonies are flawless, and they are continuing to perfect their vocals.

I won’t go through my reaction to all of the songs, but there were a few highlight tracks.

Drag Me Down

As I said before, this is the song that peaked my interest in One Direction. It was catchy, and I love the space theme music video.

If I Could Fly

This ballad-type track was great.

Never Enough

After some slower songs, this was a refreshing upbeat change.

I Want To Write You A Song

The harmonies and vocals were on point, and the lyrics were beautiful.

It was an overall great album, and there are sure to be many sad faces in the fandom today. So, it’s time to bid farewell (temporarily) to the four. I’m sure we’ll hear from them again soon.

What did you think?