Twitter is often overcome by hashtag trends. I don’t regularly participate (because it is mostly about bands I don’t follow) but this time I was drawn in.

I don’t know if it was limited only to Australia, but on my feed came #ISurvivedHighSchoolBy. Not only does it make all those memories flood back to me, but I really enjoyed seeing the funny and friendly tweets from people sharing their own experiences.

My favourites include:

(Ah High School Musical, I love you so much!)


And from the same twitter account:


Let me tell you quickly about my high school experience. I wasn’t a popular kid, I wasn’t a sport kid, I wasn’t really anything. I did very well in my classes but wasn’t the top, and I had a group of friends, but I wasn’t the loudest. For the most part, I couldn’t care less about high school and all the drama that usually went with it. There were no romances, no real character changes, nothing.

Year 12 came around and I was getting sick of all the student politics and petty friendship quarrels. Part of me still wanted to be in those groups with those friends, but for the most part I wanted to be out and enjoying grown-up life. My sister is older than me and I would text her every lunch period, hoping she could somehow take me away from all of it and suddenly get me into university (little did I know a lot of the same stuff happened there too – except it was the teachers that were extremely petty).

This is what got me through the hard times: my sister (and mother and brother, of course), and my aspirations for my future. Looking back, I’m glad I learnt those hard and frustrating lessons in high school, because it makes life now all the sweeter. Things haven’t always been great, but I now get paid for my writing, and, as you can see, I have my own blog (for which I have many plans for the future – but you’ll find out about that later).

So, drop a comment below and tell me what got you through high school!

Writing Tips and Tricks

As a writer – beginner or life-long – I’m sure you have googled terms like: ‘how do I earn money by writing’, ‘pay for my writing’, and ‘writing jobs’.

I was one of those people too. I have always had an intense passion for writing. It didn’t matter what I was writing, or even if it was for school, and finding out I could get money for it was the cherry on the cake.

There are a few ways you can earn money by writing. This could be writing for an established company as part of their staff, writing your own ideas (stories, scripts, blogs, etc.), or freelance jobs.

Today I’ll be talking about freelance jobs.

It can be very hard to find a company that not only allows freelance writers to work their way up from zero experience, but also give them the opportunity to earn dollars instead of cents for their work. There were a few websites that I tried, but, about two years ago, I found one I absolutely love.

Upwork (formerly Odesk and Elance) was a godsend to me. While there are tests you can do to show future employers you are a good fit for their job, I don’t think any of them have impacted me at all. There were a few jobs I immediately applied for, including writing articles, reviews, and transcribing audio files. I didn’t know what I wanted to focus on, but as long as I was making money for my work, I was willing to give any job a try. There is also no limit for a pay-out (but there is a $1 fee for it so you have to at least have $1).

Almost straight away I landed a couple of long-term jobs, and was even recommended to another employer outside of Upwork. So, it’s now been about two years, and I am still loving working with them.

Even if you don’t want to remain a freelance writer, you can use it to hone your skills and make some important connections.

Let me know if you’ve worked on Upwork or if you have another site you would recommend.