Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce: One thing they have in common

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There is one thing these women have in common.

Do you know what it is?

I can add more: Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Lena Dunham.

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Any idea?

All of these celebrities have participated in posting ‘No Make-Up Selfies’.

Despite generally spending numerous hours and thousands of dollars on make-up and hair beauticians, they have shed it all for a snap-and-share on social media. featured an article by Kristie Mercer, where she talked about her experiment: one week without make-up. I don’t usually click on those kinds of articles, but I thought it would be a ‘feel good’, ‘love your true self’ tale.

I was wrong.

In the few minutes it took to read, Mercer had repeated her inability to function anymore without a coating of goop on her face. She felt dehumanised and ugly. At the end she popped on the typical ‘but I don’t need make-up’, and yet ‘I will still wear make-up’.

For those of you that don’t know, I never wear make-up. I don’t have the clearest skin, I don’t have even skin tones (I still don’t really know what that means), and, best of all, I don’t care. When I was in high school I remember wasting time doing it, but every time it was like putting on a mask.

Is that what we are wanting to teach our young girls? We’re feeding them a confusing mixture of ‘you’re beautiful the way you are’, and ‘here is the newest make-up you have to have’. It’s good that celebrities are showing their actual faces, but they need to follow-through with it more often. Don’t show that no make-up is good, then release a line of foundation or lipstick.

There’s a time and place for it, and in my opinion, it is for dress-up and theatre/film/TV performances only.

What do you think?

Would you be willing to give up your make-up?

Let me know below.