DisPLACEd, Merlin, and a wedding, OH MY!

Hey everyone!

So we’re over half-way through 2016 and I have a few updates for you.

1. DisPLACEd

Hey everyone!
We’re sure you’ve noticed it’s July and the first instalment of DisPLACEd has yet to be uploaded.
Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have had a bit of a set back in getting you the first finished product, but have no fear, it’ll just be a short postponement.
To tide you over, we’re releasing the synopsis, writer’s bios, and MUCH MORE very soon. Enjoy!

2. Merlin

Chapter 2 of my Merlin: Aithusa episode novelisation has now been published. You can find it here – https://www.wattpad.com/story/78334108-merlin-aithusa.


No I am not getting married (unless Colin Morgan would like to step forward and propose!). My beautiful sister is marrying her Prince Charming. For the next few weeks there may not be too many website updates.

All in all, I hope you enjoy the DisPLACEd updates and reading Merlin: Aithusa!

Merlin: Aithusa (TV Tie-In)

I love novels, and I love TV/Movie.


No this isn’t about fan fiction, but TV Tie-Ins. In the future, I would LOVE to be paid to write original stories, and episode novelisations of TV Shows, so I thought I should put my work out there.

So check out it and let me know what you think!


Merlin & Morgana || Shake it out


For those of you who don’t know, I LOVE The Adventures of Merlin (2008-2012). It’s been over for a few years now, and I still miss it. I often have to stop myself watching an episode because I know it will lead to a series-long marathon.

In order to satiate myself, I fell back on watching fan videos on youtube. Naturally I was drawn to Merlin/Morgana ones, because let’s face it, they were the perfect couple (both love-y and hate-y).

Check out this one and read my review:

Merlin & Morgana || Shake it out

I knew there would have to be a fan video to this song for Merlin and Morgana. The story of their relationship is so heartbreaking, and yet there was nothing they could do to stop it. Everything they were going to do was already written, and they were just left to live it out.

I like that it starts with a more sorrowful Morgana. She wasn’t just an evil witch, but was essentially a victim to her powers. Merlin was too, but he had Gaius to help him.

We then see what is probably my favourite dimension to their relationship. The tension when they both know they are enemies, and yet Morgana is still on good terms with Uther and Arthur. Merlin doesn’t know if she is going to tell on him, and she doesn’t know if he is going to stop her plans. She gets back some of her original spunk (remember in the first episode when she snaps back at Uther about attending the dinner!), and she seems to be starting to give in to the darker parts of her abilities. But before we can see these images fully, we are shown the Morgana from the later seasons. Her hair is a mess, she is clothed all in dark, and she feels nothing but hatred and fear.

While being about both Merlin and Morgana, it tells the story more from Morgana’s side. We hear “all of the ghouls come out to play” and we see Merlin. In her eyes, he was the villain. He was siding with Uther (who some blamed for the death of her ‘father’), he protected Arthur (who was turning out more and more like his father and battling against magic), and he was just a pain in the butt.

Unfortunately, Morgana learned the hard way that not only are people sometimes hard to forget, but her past is going to stay with her, too. If only she had been able to deal with her issues and forget Arthur, Uther, and Merlin, she could have been safe and perhaps happy.

The interesting part about the relationship of Morgana and Merlin was that he was the personification of everything she could have been, and everything she lost. It reminds me of Harry Potter and Voldemort (yes, I said his name, get over it. lol). In any situation you can choose to either love or hate, and hatred is always going to be envious of what love can do. Not only was Morgana trying to get rid of Merlin so she could succeed in her plans, but because he was always a reminder of what she could have been. This is why, I think, she always went to great lengths to get him. We see this in the final episode where she lures him into the cave after taking his powers. Not only did she want him out of the way, but she wanted him to suffer and she wanted him to know that she was the victor.

I also like how, for Morgana, there are the words: “‘Cause I am done with my graceless heart, So tonight I’m gonna cut it out and then restart.” Over and over again Morgana tried to separate herself from her feelings. She tried to turn her heart black, but there was always that hint of a lost little girl inside her.

Morgana was simply caught in the middle of a battle she never asked to be apart of. Her sister was using her to gain power, Uther was lying to her, Arthur wasn’t listening to her, and so on.

“Looking for Heaven for the devil in me.” Morgana thought she was in the right. She knew she had powers that could cause immense pain, and she lost a lot of her empathy (for example shooting the townsfolk in front of Sir Leon and some knights), but she thought she was in the right. She was looking for a reward, but it only brought her to her punishment.

Overall, this fan video did a great job illustrating the interesting and complex dichotomy that was the Morgana/Merlin relationship. Both actors played their roles brilliantly, and the writers did an excellent job creating such well-rounded and arc-ing characters.

What did you think?

Do you have another Morgana/Merlin fan video that does a good job illustrating their characters? Let me know below!