Twitter is often overcome by hashtag trends. I don’t regularly participate (because it is mostly about bands I don’t follow) but this time I was drawn in.

I don’t know if it was limited only to Australia, but on my feed came #ISurvivedHighSchoolBy. Not only does it make all those memories flood back to me, but I really enjoyed seeing the funny and friendly tweets from people sharing their own experiences.

My favourites include:

(Ah High School Musical, I love you so much!)


And from the same twitter account:


Let me tell you quickly about my high school experience. I wasn’t a popular kid, I wasn’t a sport kid, I wasn’t really anything. I did very well in my classes but wasn’t the top, and I had a group of friends, but I wasn’t the loudest. For the most part, I couldn’t care less about high school and all the drama that usually went with it. There were no romances, no real character changes, nothing.

Year 12 came around and I was getting sick of all the student politics and petty friendship quarrels. Part of me still wanted to be in those groups with those friends, but for the most part I wanted to be out and enjoying grown-up life. My sister is older than me and I would text her every lunch period, hoping she could somehow take me away from all of it and suddenly get me into university (little did I know a lot of the same stuff happened there too – except it was the teachers that were extremely petty).

This is what got me through the hard times: my sister (and mother and brother, of course), and my aspirations for my future. Looking back, I’m glad I learnt those hard and frustrating lessons in high school, because it makes life now all the sweeter. Things haven’t always been great, but I now get paid for my writing, and, as you can see, I have my own blog (for which I have many plans for the future – but you’ll find out about that later).

So, drop a comment below and tell me what got you through high school!