Zobelle Designs – Hand-Made Items

*Please note – I am not getting paid for any of these ‘reviews’. They are merely articles to share the love and support small Australian hand-made businesses/hobbies.*

Zobelle Designs

From the creative and craft-y mind of Charmaine Riccio comes Zobelle Designs.


With a stock list that includes hats, necklaces, and home decor, you can find everything you will need for gifts, and yourself! When not proudly displayed at local markets, Zobelle Designs is selling through Facebook, making it easy to shop from the convenience of your own home, while ensuring you are getting quality hand-made items.

What’s even better, is that Charmaine also ‘up-cycles’ items.

UP-CYCLE: to process (used goods or waste material) so as to produce something that is often better than the original

But like all other hand-made and independent businesses, there is a story behind it all.

“I come from a family of crafters – Nanna sewed on her Singer treadle machine, teaching me how to make doll clothes; and mum tried every craft imaginable, eventually settling on pottery and now running her own shop in Perth. “

She continues, “Zobelle Designs was an idea a few years in the making. Just over a year ago, when all four of my children were in school full-time, I felt confident enough to give it a go. Up-cycling and re-fashioning my own clothes is something I’ve done since I started sewing with grand plans of being a fashion designer.”

Though the comfort and style of her items is her first priority, she has adapted to the ever-changing market, supplying something for those with an eye for recycling.

“These days, in the current environmental climate, it is more important than ever to try and live a conscious and sustainable lifestyle. Combining my passions – sewing, op-shopping, and a sustainable way of life for my family – into a business and something I can share with others, is the ultimate dream for me.”

You can also find Zobelle Designs on Instagram.

Hand-Made by Mena – Hand-Made Items

In a time when everyone is more concerned with their spending, paying a little more for hand-made items may seem strange. But when asked why, the overwhelming majority answer: “It’s the story behind the product”.

As a fan of creative pieces (my favourites are knitted and iron-beads), I have decided to write some articles about a few Australian hand-made stores.

*Please note – I am not getting paid for any of these ‘reviews’. They are merely articles to share the love and support small Australian hand-made businesses/hobbies.*

Hand-Made by Mena


Gifts, accessories, home decor. These are only a few words that describe the range of stock designed by owner Philomena (Mena) Baumann.

With fabric, a sewing machine, and talent, she turns mere materials into scarves, pencil cases, cushion covers and cross-stitches.

Though she has not been operating long, she has already garnered attention from her good work.

But, as I said, behind every hand-made hobby business is a story, and Hand-Made by Mena is no different.

“I’ve been sewing since I was 7 years old.” Mena told me. “I’m a 3rd generation seamstress. My great-grandmother taught my grandmother, my grandmother passed it on to my mother, my mother taught me, and I’ve been teaching my daughter.”

What started as an off-and-on hobby, became a therapeutic outlet. “Passion then turned into a small business opportunity, with friends wanting what they saw me making for myself.”

And that’s how we have Hand-Made By Mena. Wanting to stand out from the sewing crowd, and make practical items not easily find in stores, Mena now sells her wonderful wares at local markets, online via her Facebook page (here), or her Etsy page (here).