Debug (2014) – Review

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I love David Hewlett. I have loved him since seeing him on Stargate all those years ago, and I even got an autograph from him once. So, when I heard he was making another film, I just had to check it out. Having seen bits and pieces of his process (from youtube, twitter postings, etc.), I still didn’t know what to expect. Well I needn’t have worried, because Hewlett has made an epic film and I have given it a rightful score of 4/5.

Debug is a film that follows six 20-something year old computer hackers whose job sends them aboard a broken and abandoned space freighter. But it is not as empty as they thought. The hackers are forced to fight for their lives against an AI (artificial intelligence) that is desperate to become human, and will kill for the chance.

Having been a fan and a part of science fiction projects before, David Hewlett has seen how it is done, and he knows how to improve upon it. Debug is an awesome film that is scary, intelligent, and one you can’t miss.

The casting was also brilliant, bringing a mix of known-actors and fairly-newcomers. Like with his first film A Dog’s Breakfast, Hewlett has been able to get actors and actresses he has worked with before to take on these new roles. Jason Momoa (who plays the AI), is the same as we have seen him before – i.e. a fighting baddie – but still different to what he has done before. His growing popularity from Game of Thrones should also help bring more viewers as well. Kate Hewlett (David’s acting sister) is also brilliant, and it is awesome to see the siblings working on another film project together.

Hewlett has also written a smart script. It deals with current issues and worries we have about technology and where the line then comes between human and machine.

It does have some violence and blood, but it shouldn’t be enough to dissuade anyone from watching it.

With the reach and reliance on social media growing more and more everyday, Hewlett has grabbed hold of this and really connected with his fans. He has talked about the film – which he is rightfully excited about – and has made everyone feel as though they have been included in the process. This makes you more inclined to see it.

There have not been many reviews yet, but what is out there have been quite mixed. It may not be the newest idea – Hewlett said he watched 2001: A Space Odyssey when he was younger and wanted to make a film from Al’s perspective – but Hewlett has made enough changes to make it different and relatable to viewers of this generation.

There are no two ways about it: you must see this film. Hewlett has done a brilliant job of transitioning behind the camera, and he knows what he is doing. Check it out and be entertained!

4 out of 5 stars

#ExplainAFilmPlotBadly – Twitter trend

Once again I found an awesome Twitter hashtag trend. This one involves writing a bad explanation of a film plot.

Scrolling through, there were a lot of crummy ones, but these were my favourite:

I couldn’t come up with any of my own, but let me know if you can!


Twitter is often overcome by hashtag trends. I don’t regularly participate (because it is mostly about bands I don’t follow) but this time I was drawn in.

I don’t know if it was limited only to Australia, but on my feed came #ISurvivedHighSchoolBy. Not only does it make all those memories flood back to me, but I really enjoyed seeing the funny and friendly tweets from people sharing their own experiences.

My favourites include:

(Ah High School Musical, I love you so much!)


And from the same twitter account:


Let me tell you quickly about my high school experience. I wasn’t a popular kid, I wasn’t a sport kid, I wasn’t really anything. I did very well in my classes but wasn’t the top, and I had a group of friends, but I wasn’t the loudest. For the most part, I couldn’t care less about high school and all the drama that usually went with it. There were no romances, no real character changes, nothing.

Year 12 came around and I was getting sick of all the student politics and petty friendship quarrels. Part of me still wanted to be in those groups with those friends, but for the most part I wanted to be out and enjoying grown-up life. My sister is older than me and I would text her every lunch period, hoping she could somehow take me away from all of it and suddenly get me into university (little did I know a lot of the same stuff happened there too – except it was the teachers that were extremely petty).

This is what got me through the hard times: my sister (and mother and brother, of course), and my aspirations for my future. Looking back, I’m glad I learnt those hard and frustrating lessons in high school, because it makes life now all the sweeter. Things haven’t always been great, but I now get paid for my writing, and, as you can see, I have my own blog (for which I have many plans for the future – but you’ll find out about that later).

So, drop a comment below and tell me what got you through high school!

One Direction’s ‘Made In The A.M.’

I don’t remember a time when One Direction weren’t trending on Twitter. Over the years I have bopped along to some of their songs, but I never classed myself as part of the fandom. It wasn’t until hearing ‘Drag Me Down’, that I took the time to fully listen to their past tracks. It was only a few days after that that I was staying up late watching all of their X-Factor videos.

So, here is my review for their newest album ‘Made In The A.M.’


This album shows itself to be all that the fans wanted. The harmonies are flawless, and they are continuing to perfect their vocals.

I won’t go through my reaction to all of the songs, but there were a few highlight tracks.

Drag Me Down

As I said before, this is the song that peaked my interest in One Direction. It was catchy, and I love the space theme music video.

If I Could Fly

This ballad-type track was great.

Never Enough

After some slower songs, this was a refreshing upbeat change.

I Want To Write You A Song

The harmonies and vocals were on point, and the lyrics were beautiful.

It was an overall great album, and there are sure to be many sad faces in the fandom today. So, it’s time to bid farewell (temporarily) to the four. I’m sure we’ll hear from them again soon.

What did you think?