Duke and Duchess Family Photo

So, the day I post a new photo of Prince George (HERE), the Palace releases a gorgeous family photo.


In keeping with their tech-savvy subjects, it was on their official Facebook page (The British Monarchy) that they showed it off.

There are so many things I love in this picture.

  • Their clothes. Despite being royalty and heirs to the throne, the kids aren’t dressed over-the-top. George’s long socks are just darling, and you get a better look at his curling locks.
  • Kate looks happy. It doesn’t look like a forced smile, either.
  • William is looking adoringly at his son. Growing up as the heir, it must be hard for Will knowing the pressure that would be on his son, so it looks like he is making sure he has a fun and somewhat normal life.
  • Charlotte is growing up fast! She is smiling, and looking more like her mummy everyday.
  • It is a natural shot. Charlotte’s shoe is off, George’s toy train is at their feet, and it looks like they couldn’t get George to sit still.

Leave a comment below and tell me what you think of the picture.

By George, I Think He’s Got It!

Cuteness, that is.

I wrote a post about Princess Charlotte – which you can read HERE – but this one is all about George.

Recent photos show the adorable Prince George riding in a car with his mother Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, and his uncle Harry.


As you can see, George is absolutely adorable, with his chubby little cheeks, itty-bitty fingers, and blonde hair that is starting to curl around his ears and forehead.

It is great to see how he has been brought up, with William, Duke of Cambridge, and Kate, making it as ‘normal’ as possible. I read an article (link HERE) that talks about his grandmother Carole Middleton taking George to a local cafe, where he promptly ran around with his little toy plane, making ‘brrrrrr’ noises.

It is these kind of stories that give you hope for the future of the monarchy, and I just wanted to say my part and gush over this adorable little boy.

What do you think of little George? Can you see the resemblance to his daddy? Let me know in the comments below.

Princess Charlotte

Australia is part of the British Monarchy, there are no two ways about it. I am one of those people that welcome it. No they are not perfect, but there is a stability in their long years at the reign, and if our government was solely in-charge…well, I shudder to think what our country would be.

I remember eating dinner with mum, wearing paper crowns and animatedly commenting when William and Kate got married. The next day I spent over an hour going over every detail with my best friend, watching it again after I taped it on my handheld video camera.

I remember oohing and aahing when we got our first looks at Prince George. For the first time in my generation (and my mother’s generation), we were seeing our future Kings.

So when Princess Charlotte came along, I was equally excited. I was awake and watching the live UK news when we got our first glimpses of her as Kate and Will were getting ready to leave the hospital. She didn’t look much like any of them yet.

But that’s all changed now.

About two hours ago, The British Monarchy released official photos of 6-month old Princess Charlotte. Already their official Facebook page (HERE) has about 10,000 comments, and I’m sure that will grow quickly when the rest of the world wakes up.

Here they are:


She looks so much like her brother, but very much like her mother. The dark brown hair is so Kate, and those eyes are just mesmerising.

Comment below what you think of our little Princess.